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  • A sinking cargo ship off the coast of Sri Lanka had caused an environmental disaster for the country that seems set to have long-term effects.
  • The X-Press Pearl caught fire on May 20 and burned for two weeks. Its cargo is the concern: The ship was carrying dangerous chemicals, including tons of nitric acid and fuel oil. But what's already having an impact on beaches of plastic called nurdles — the raw material used to make most types of plastic products.
  • Oil on ocean surfaces is harmful to many forms of aquatic creatures as it prevents sufficient amounts of sunlight from penetrating the surface, and it also reduces the level of dissolved oxygen. Crude oil ruins the nature of marine biodiversity For the first time in the history of Sri Lanka, Rotaractors amalgamated under the advice and supervision of the director of Sports and Special Services Avenue of Rotaract Mora to regain the lost art of nature, Interact Club of Isipathana College is collaborating with the Team Pearl Pacify 1.0 of Rotaract Mora. Restoration of the assets back is the most vital responsibility of each citizen thus the Team has arranged to.
  • As a kickoff to the project, We are, Collecting Nurdles to prevent the toxication and has arranged a Global Recovery Solution competition and a Campaign to boom out with the terrifying thoughts and solutions to overcome the threat. Let's walk together to implement the best solution into Reality.


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